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About Us

Spinners is a breakfast and lunch cafe which is now serving fisherman, boaters, and the Leeward Community.


As June approaches, every fisherman starts thinking of the sea and wondering when Ahi will arrive. For the past 17 years, the Waianae Boat & Fishing Club have been organizing and running Ahi Fever, as most know: The largest tournament on Oahu. This year, the humble volunteers of the club would like to go fishing, can you blame them?

So in order to save the spirit of competition, Spinners Café and the Waianae Boat & Trailer Storage would like to welcome all fishermen and the community with the enthusiasm for sports fishing to the Spinners Café Ahi Shootout at the Waianae Small Boat Harbor on June 15, 2018.

Organizing the tournament is a venture that incorporates the help of many individuals which I would like to thank. Your input and time spent working to make this an event that will be remembered is greatly appreciated. I would like to extend a special mahalo to the Waianae Boat & Fishing Club for their support and guidance, without them it would have been rough seas getting here. Mahalo!

I would also like to thank the State of Hawaii Harbors Division for their assistance in providing us with the facilities at the Waianae Small Boat Harbor.

The tournament will only be a one day event, but the rules and procedures will remain the same as those of the past years’ Ahi Fever.

Our state permit for the Waianae harbor is only for June 15, 2018. Many of the fishing teams will most likely come ahead of the weekend, as they have in the past. The harbor will be open to all, but space will be on a first come first serve bases. If you would like to rent boat storage for that weekend contact Waianae Boat Storage main office M-F 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. at 808-333-3667 for availability. To enter the tournament you can call Dolphin Excursions’ main office daily 8am-5pm at 808-239-5579. If you are looking to grind some food you can always call Spinners Café daily at 7:30 am-3:30 pm at 808-696-3474 to place a take out order.

See you all soon, happy fishing and fair weather to all.

Victor Lozano
Tournament Committee Chair
Spinners Café Ahi Shootout